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The continuous extrusion of non-ferrous metals can yield both solid and hollow section products for a wide range of industrial applications. AIBANG can provide a complete array of continuous rotary extrusion lines for all of your processing needs.

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Main Products
    1. TJ250 Flat Copper Wire Extrusion Line

      The TJ250/45 flat copper wire continuous rotary extrusion line uses the Φ8mm oxygen-free copper rod made by the upward casting technique as the raw material. This material can be easily prepared.

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    1. TJ300 Flat Copper Wire Extrusion Line

      The flat copper wire continuous rotary extrusion line adopts TJ300 series continuous extrusion machine as the main unit. By exchanging the extrusion die, it can be utilized to produce different types of end products, including pure copper flat wires, silver coated copper wire, as well as round shaped and profile wires.

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    1. TJ350 Copper Busbar Extrusion Line

      Due to continuous extrusion technique, the TJ350 copper busbar continuous rotary extrusion line can complete copper busbar extrusion at one time, without the need for edge trimming, acid pickling, etc. Thus, both production process and production period are shortened.

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    1. TJ600 Copper Busbar Extrusion Line

      Based on continuous extrusion technique, the TJ600 continuous rotary extrusion line is capable of directly producing copper busbar and copper strip products at a time without further processing. The maximum sectional area of extruded products is 320×12mm.

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    1. TJ550A Copper Alloy Trolley Wire Extrusion Line

      The continuous rotary extrusion line is especially designed for producing copper alloy trolley wires. The continuous extrusion machine, the key component of the production line, adopts the new die cavity featuring modular construction and high temperature resistance so as to extrude copper alloy products with the tensile strength up to 265N/mm2.

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    1. LJ350A Aluminum Wire Extrusion Line

      The LJ350A continuous rotary extrusion line can be used to extrude three aluminum wires at the same time by using only one aluminum rod as the feedstock.

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    1. LJ300A Aluminum Tube Extrusion Line

      The LJ300A continuous rotary extrusion line adopts high cleanness aluminum rod as the feedstock to manufacture round aluminum tubes with the diameter from 4.5mm to 20mm, as well as square tubes with maximum width of 35mm.

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    1. LJ350 Aluminum Tube Extrusion Line

      If you are looking for aluminum tube production lines to produce round tubes and multi-channel pipes, then the LJ350 range of continuous rotary extrusion line will be your optimum choice.

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  • Technology Advantages
  • Aibang has earned high reputations in international market due to its high performance continuous rotary extrusion machinery for various non-ferrous metals. Our typical scope of supply is a complete production line which can complete processes such as rod payoff, straightening, continuous extrusion, cooling, drying, metering, and end product take-up.

    Our range of continuous rotary extrusion line supports feedstocks such as copper, aluminum, and their alloys. It is a great solution to manufacture solid and hollow section products, including copper and aluminum conductor wires, trolley wires, busbars, strips, round tubes, multi-port tubes, and more. These extruded products are widely used for transformers, electric motors, switching devices, electric locomotives, as well as the evaporator and condenser units of refrigerators and air conditioners.

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